Laura London, Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 2017.

Laura London

I was first introduced to the work of C.G. Jung as a psychology major at the University of Washington. Deciding on a different path, I studied neuroscience at John Carroll University and went on to work for Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine in the neuroimaging department at University Hospitals of Cleveland. Unfulfilled in that field, I entered into a lengthy analysis with a Jungian analyst. I have since gone on to work analytically with several other Jungian analysts.

After attending a whole host of lectures, workshops and seminars at various Jung centers throughout the country, I decided to create a podcast so that those who did not have access could hear them speak as well.

I've been a student of Kundalini Yoga, under the direction of Ravi Singh and Ana Brett, received my Transcendental Meditation instruction from a direct disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, learned about Tibetan Buddhism while traveling with the Mystical Arts of Tibet tour from Drepung Loseling Monastery, and had a formal education in astrology with the International Academy of Astrology, as well as from my personal astrologer, Robert Hand.

I created the website, All Things Bill Belichick, in 2000 and went on to attend close to 100 games with the New England Patriots.

Guest Appearances

It was a thrill for me to join host Chris Brennan and Jenn Zahrt for the April 19, 2018 edition of The Astrology Podcast where we discussed the new book, Jung's Studies in Astrology, by Jungian analyst Liz Greene, Ph.D.

The controversial show out of Norway, Forum Borealis, welcomed me as their guest on March 4, 2018. This 2+ hour interview is now available on their YouTube channel.

Video: I was honored that Chris George Zuger invited me on his show, Den of Lore, for a live conversation during the late night hours of Friday, November 17, 2017. I then returned to the Den the following Tuesday, November 21, 2017, when we were joined by co-hosts Alex and Gavin. Chris invited me back for a third time on April 6, 2018 for a 3-hour conversation about Jung, the Patriots, and whatever else was on our minds.

On November 15, 2017, I joined Jerry & Niish to talk dreams on their show, Nox Mente.

I joined host Erick Godsey on The Metaprogramming Podcast on August 24, 2017 for a rather personal discussion. Erick asked very difficult questions.

As a roving correspondent for The Other Side of Midnight, I reported live from Charleston, South Carolina, on the path of totality of the total solar eclipse, during the early morning hours of August 21, 2017. The archived show is available to Club 19.5 members.

Video: On April 4, 2016, I was interviewed by Cesar Torres with Pen & Pixel for the episode, Carl Jung, Creativity & the Unconscious.

In February, I was Brian Turnof's guest on The Mind's Eye to discuss Jung's occult experiences. That episode aired live on ZTalk Radio. The archived show is available to stream or download from Podcast Garden or to listen to on YouTube.

Then on January 31, 2016, I made a live guest appearance on Beyond the Strange to introduce the life and work of C.G. Jung to a whole new audience. You can stream or download the entire show on Spreaker or listen to it on YouTube. There is also a show notes page in the Blog section of this website.

And on November 16, 2015, I was the guest on No, Totally! to discuss the movie A Dangerous Method, the story of Jung, Freud and Sabina Spielrein, and wound up talking a lot about Jungian analysis. You can listen to the episode at There, you'll also find links on how to listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

Trip to Zürich

In November 2015, I flew to Zürich, Switzerland, to visit the places where Jung lived and worked. While there, I recorded interviews with Dr. Murray Stein, training analyst at the International School of Analytical Psychology Zürich {ISAP}, and Dr. Barbara Davies, who received her analytic training directly from Jung's closest pupil, Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz. I also met with the president of The Psychology Club Zürich, founded by Jung in 1916, and with Dr. Robert Hinshaw, training analyst/supervisor at the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich as well as publisher and founder of Daimon Verlag. Shaun Lau stepped in as guest host to interview me about the trip for Episode #11.

Social Media

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