Murray Stein

A summary of the topics discussed on Episode #9 – my interview with Jungian analyst Murray Stein, recorded in Zürich on November 25, 2015:

Jungian analyst Murray Stein in his office in Zürich. Photo by Laura London.

1.  Religious extremism

2.  The dark side of Joseph Campbell's 'finding your personal myth'

3.  Luigi Zoja's book, Paranoia

4.  How ISIS is grounded in a myth

5.  What if Russia were to attack Turkey in retaliation?

6.  Jung's vision before WWI, and how he saw WWII coming in the dreams of his patients and in his own inner work

7.  Why he thinks it would be dangerous for us to have 'a leader,' a Churchill, right now

8.  His suggestion to Jungians: go inward, follow your own dreams, don't listen to leaders, follow your inner voice, try to keep sane, and try to keep your balance.

9.  Look for cover because it's going to run its course. And we don't know what that course will be.

10.  Putin-Erdoğan-Obama

11.  The need to act vs. the need to understand

12.  Holding the tension of the opposites: "If enough individuals did it, it would have an effect on the collective."

13.  You can't go directly to the collective and tell them what to do. The most effect you can have is on yourself and then hope that this will extend to the people you know. That, gradually, over time, will have an effect on the culture.

14.  The difference between Jungians and Freudians

15.  How he thinks the Islamist extremists are suffering from a kind of collective, cultural inferiority feeling, and that they compensate with feelings of superiority.

16.  The French educational system

17.  The genius of Jung is that he was interested in ALL religions but he didn't identify with any of them.

18.  How Jungians are open to the movement of the spirit, wherever it comes from

19.  On his new book, Minding The Self: the idea behind this book is that the Jungian approach to spirituality is to stay open to what the unconscious offers.

20.  How such a simple thing as paying attention to your dreams grounds you in yourself

21.  Zürich is like the Mecca for Jungians

22.  The three Jungian training programs in Zürich: ISAP, the Zentrum, and the Jung Institute

23.  Donald Kalsched's books on trauma

24.  The publication of Erich Neumann's correspondence with Jung

25.  His book, Jung's Map of the Soul

26.  The North American organization, the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts

27.  How and why Jung came up with the term Analytical Psychology

Listen to the full interview in Episode #9