The Rejected Feminine

In the feature-length documentary film, Matter of Heart: The Extraordinary Journey of C.G. Jung Into the Soul of Man, one of Jung's close friends, Sir Laurens van der Post, while discussing Toni Wolff, had this to say about the rejected feminine:

"Jung had an instinct at what was wrong with life, what made life tear apart, made it incomplete, was because the feminine was rejected – driven insane, driven mad by a world of men, rejected by a masculine-dominated world. And that time when [Jung] let himself go, and when he landed deep down in what he came to call the collective unconscious, all this rejected feminine in himself confronted him."

Here is the description of the film from the producers at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles:

"In 1985, after five years of work, reviewing the original footage, and collecting additional film and photo material, a feature length documentary film, Matter of Heart, was written and produced. This film was first launched in 35mm format and shown in theaters throughout the United States and in major cities in Canada, England, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, South America, and South Africa. It received much positive critical acclaim and was viewed by thousands of people in theaters, at film festivals, and in small private showings.

"In 1987, the U.S. Consul General to Switzerland, Louis Segesvary, held a party at his embassy home in Zurich and invited Jungians and many friends to celebrate the success of this film. Franz Jung, Jung's son, attended this showing and gave his approval for the way the film portrayed, in a sensitive and truthful manner, Jung's relationship with Toni Wolff, his relationship to his wife Emma, and his family as well. Sir Laurens van der Post, who had been filmed in London, also attended this event and gave his blessings for the project."

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