Footage from Uncompleted Documentary

C.G. Jung filmed carving the square stone at Bollingen. Click to watch documentary footage.

C.G. Jung filmed carving the square stone at Bollingen. Click to watch documentary footage.

I’ve uploaded to YouTube a never-completed documentary of C.G. Jung at Bollingen Tower, the retreat he built on the north shore of Lake Zürich in Switzerland.


In 1951, Jung was filmed at his Bollingen retreat by two Americans, Jerome Hill, an artist and film-maker from Minnesota, and Maud Oakes, an author and researcher, whose book Where the Two Came to Their Father was the first major publication of the Bollingen Foundation. That book described a ritual and ceremonial sequence given to Maud by and old Navajo Medicine Man, along with its accompanying sand paintings. Maud had long been interested in Jung and his new psychology of the collective unconscious. She had met him in 1937 in New York, when she, along with her friends, Paul and Mary Mellon, attended a lecture he gave there.

Maud’s cousin, Jerome Hill, had the inspiration to do a film on Jung, who was celebrating his 75th birthday in 1950. At first Jung refused, but after some time he relented and agreed to begin in 1951. This film was never completed. Jerome Hill went on to make an award-winning documentary on Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

The following excerpts are taken from Jerome Hill’s original footage of Jung in his garden, telling the story of the large stone he had carved in honor of his 75th birthday. Jung reads and translates passages in Greek and Latin which refer to the ancient wisdom of the alchemists and of the Greek god of physicians, “Asclepius” and his familiar sprite figure, “Telesphoros.”

Narrated by Jungian analyst Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D.

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