Edward Edinger

Excerpt from An American Jungian: In Honor of Edward F. Edinger, Part VIII: More Tributes, Editor’s Foreword by Daryl Sharp, Jungian analyst and general editor of Inner City Books.

The world is full of unconscious people – those who don’t know why they do what they do. Edward F. Edinger did as much as anyone I know to correct this situation. To my mind, he was as true to Jung as one can be. Like Marie-Louise von Franz, he was a classic Jungian: he took Jung’s message to heart and amplified it according to his own talents.

For those who find Jung himself tough going, Edinger has been the preeminent interpreter for more than thirty years. In lectures, books, tapes, and videos, he masterfully presented the distilled essence of Jung’s work, illuminating its relevance to both collective and individual psychology. Thus, for instance, his Mysterium Lectures and Aion Lectures are not only brilliant scholarly studies of Jung’s major works, they are also a practical guide to what is going on in the laboratory of the unconscious.

Since Inner City published his book, The Creation of Consciousness in 1984, Ed and I had more than a good publisher-author working relationship. I visited him a couple of times at his home in Los Angeles and routinely sent him complimentary copies of each new Inner City title as it was published. He always responded quickly with a hand-written letter giving his considered opinion of its merit or failings.

Every year or two, he offered Inner City Books a new manuscript. We took every one because they were always good meaty stuffy. Clean, crisp writing, no padding, no blather. Never mind that they would never appear on the New York Times list of best sellers; they fit perfectly with our professed mandate ‘to promote the understanding and practical application’ of Jung’s work. We are proud now to have fifteen full-length Edinger books under our wing – and this one.

Personally, I loved the man. I feel privileged and fortunate indeed to be in a position to keep his work and spirit alive, to the benefit of everyone who strives to become psychologically conscious.

~Daryl Sharp, Jungian analyst, pp. 272-273

Daryl Sharp is a Jungian analyst in Toronto and publisher of Inner City Books. This foreword appeared in Edinger’s Science of the Soul: A Jungian Perspective.


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