Episode #5: Daryl Sharp

Daryl Sharp in the basement of Inner City Books. Photo by Laura London.

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity for another face-to-face interview with the living legend that is Daryl Sharp.

Daryl is a Zürich-trained Jungian analyst and the founder and general editor of Inner City Books in Toronto, Canada. He's written over 30 books and for this interview we decided to discuss Personality Types: Jung's Model of Typology, a true classic in the field of Jungian psychology.

Some of you may remember me tweeting that book cover-to-cover. It sure did get a lot of attention.

“I think typology is so important that it ought to be taught in high school...or early university...or at least when couples are planning to cohabit. And the same goes with complexes," said Sharp.

The information in this book is so important that Inner City Books offers it for free as a .pdf file. You'll find five other books about Jungian psychology on that page as well.

Here's what Daryl had to say. We were able to talk for only around 25 minutes, so at the end of the episode I read a little bit from the concluding remarks of his book.

The episode is just over 43 minutes long and around 41 MB. Remember, it's also available on iTunes and on Stitcher. Please subscribe to the podcast and, if you have a minute, write us a review too. 


Personality Types: Jung's Model of Typology by Daryl Sharp

Psychological Types {Collected Works, Vol. 6} by C.G. Jung

Digesting Jung: Food for the Journey by Daryl Sharp

The Symbolic Life {Collected Works, Vol. 18} by C.G. Jung

Lectures on Jung's Typology by Marie-Louise von Franz & James Hillman


Inner City Books offers free shipping worldwide.

You can find an extensive biography of Daryl Sharp in the blog section.

While preparing for this interview I wrote a short blog about Daryl's book, Personality Types.

Daryl was my guest in Episode #1. On that page you'll also find a link to a short video we did together in August.