Episode 11: Laura London

 Laura London in the rain on the Limmatquai in Zürich with Fraumünster Church in the background.

On this episode of the podcast, Shaun Lau of No, Totally! stepped in as guest host to discuss my recent trip to Zürich, Switzerland.

In November 2015, I finally decided to see for myself the places where Jung lived and worked. Visiting Zürich also gave me the opportunity to meet with some of the most world-renowned Jungian analysts and record a few interviews for the podcast.

It was a tense time to be traveling in Europe, in light of the recent bombings in Paris. I had to change planes in Münich coming and going, and airport security was tighter than I'd ever seen it. Zürich was quiet on the surface, but I sensed a general unease. When I visited with Murray Stein, he called the present situation in Europe a "tinder box."

I then went on to Rome where the military was present on practically every corner. Brandishing machine guns, I might add. They lined the entrance to the Vatican Museum and were even present on tiny little Tiber Island, guarding the entrance to one of my favorite places – the Basilica of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, former temple of Asclepius. I stayed in a hotel looking out onto the Pantheon, and there was a police car parked under my window every night.

The trip began with an 8-hour weather delay in Chicago, a missed connection to Zürich, and an unexpected overnight stay in Washington, D.C. I finally arrived in Zürich almost two days late and had to immediately head to Einsiedeln for my first meeting: the publishing offices of Daimon Verlag and a private sit-down with its founder, Jungian analyst Dr. Robert Hinshaw.

Since I don't like to write – that's why I started this podcast, I'd much prefer to speak – you can listen to the rest of the story here:


Park Hyatt Zürich  An exquisite hotel with outstanding service. I highly recommend it.

Daimon Verlag  The publishing house of Jungian analyst Dr. Robert Hinshaw

Inner City Books  The publishing house of Jungian analyst Daryl Sharp

Spring Publications  I erroneously referred to it as Spring Journal.

Kloster Einsiedeln  The Benedictine monastery that is home to the Black Madonna

Blog Post: Einsiedeln  Photos of my day in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Matter of Heart: The Extraordinary Journey of C.G. Jung Into the Soul of Man  Documentary DVD

Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung, edited by Aniela Jaffé

The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln: An Ancient Image for Our Present Time by Fred Gustafson

Episode #10: Fred Gustafson  Our interview about the Black Madonna

The Matrix Revolutions  Part 3 of The Matrix movie trilogy

Episode #7: Christina Becker  "The brighter the light, the darker the shadow."

Jung's house at 228 Seestrasse in Küsnacht

Tina Turner  Her residence is also on Seestrasse in Küsnacht

The House of C.G. Jung: The History and Restoration of the Residence of Emma and Carl Gustav Jung-Rauschenbach by Stiftung C.G. Jung Küsnacht

C.G. Jung Institute Küsnacht  The video I took during my visit

C.G. Jung Institute Zürich  A history

The Zentrum  The Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology According to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz

Jung's Grave  Photos from my visit to the church and cemetery in Küsnacht {Note: I erroneously referred to Lilly Jung-Merker as Jung's daughter. She was, in fact, Jung's daughter-in-law, married to his son Franz.}

Marie-Louise von Franz  The life and work of Jung's closest pupil

The Psychology Club Zürich  Founded by C.G. Jung in 1916

Toni Wolff  Portrait in the main hallway of The Psychology Club Zürich

Episode #9: Murray Stein  Interview about the state of the world today and about the various Jungian training programs in Zürich

Episode #12: Barbara Davies  Our interview in Zürich

Drepung Loseling  Tibetan Buddhist monastery in South India

Episode #5: Daryl Sharp  On Jung's model of typology

The Red Book: Liber Novus by C.G. Jung

Yousuf Karsh  Photographer {I was told not to photograph his portrait of Jung, so I didn't.}

Thomas P. Lavin, Ph.D.  Zürich-trained Chicago-based Jungian analyst

Madonna: Truth or Dare  Documentary DVD

💕 This episode is dedicated to the ones who got me there and back.