Episode 23: Justin Duerr

Justin Duerr spent the last six years uncovering the story of a true forgotten visionary – the obscure cartoonist, painter, illustrator and sculptor, Herbert E. Crowley.

Philadelphia artist and musician Justin Duerr is the author, compiler and researcher of the upcoming book, The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Works and Worlds of Herbert Crowley.

Scheduled to be published in February 2018, this oversized archival art book documents for the first time the works of Crowley, who in 1917 disappeared from the art scene, never showing his work again.

After marrying American heiress Alice Lewisohn, Crowley traveled around the world, eventually winding up in Zürich where the couple became analysands of C.G. Jung’s, and part of the Psychology Club’s inner circle.

In a 1951 letter, Jung described Crowley's work, saying that the “drawings by Mr. Crowley are quite interesting in as much as they contain curious symbols referring to the sympathicus as well as to the multiple luminosities of the collective unconscious. He has been driven into astounding depths – quite dangerous when consciousness is not up to it. Such things usually leave a peculiar void in the conscious world after they have passed.”

The book’s original Kickstarter campaign, which ended on November 11, 2016, brought in 740 backers and raised $96,772. In the summer of 2017, the project was chosen for Kickstarter Gold where 211 backers pledged an additional $25,639.

Justin is a highly regarded visionary artist in his own right, and I highly recommend taking a look at his works on his website, justinduerr.com, which also includes his upcoming events. And the Bronze-plated Wigglemuch Pin, “The Temple of Love” print, “The Temple of Dreams” print, and The Temple of Silence Slipcase Edition are now available for purchase from Beehive Books.

This interview was recorded on November 9, 2016. It’s 01:13:33 long and 68.7 MB. You can listen to it right here in your browser or download it directly to your computer. This episode is also available on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play Music.


Beehive Books Publisher of The Temple of Silence

Locust Moon Comics Josh O’Neill’s West Philly comic shop, art gallery, and small press

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles Documentary film by Jon Foy {free to stream on Vimeo}

Resurrect Dead photos Promotional stills, Sundance 2011, and a Toynbee Tile gallery by Steve Weinik

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Thomas Fischer, Ph.D., is a great-grandson of Jung’s, and since 2013 has been the Director of the Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung

Justin Duerr mystery photo

Jung family home 228 Seestrasse, Küsnacht

C.G. Jung Institute Zürich in Küsnacht

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Justin Duerr: Surrender to Survival Art exhibit, Jun. 27, 2019 - Jan. 12, 2020 at Inuit: The Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art (Chicago); Artist’s Reception Jul. 25, 2019 | A Conversation with Justin Duerr Jul. 27, 2019

The Temple of Silence has been nominated for two 2019 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards: Best Publication Design, and Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips.

The Temple of Silence is referenced in the new book, The Art of C.G. Jung, published in 2018.

This episode is dedicated to Bob & Debbie Hickey.