Episode 14: George Hogenson

Jungian analyst, author & scholar, George Hogenson. Photo by Laura London.

George Hogenson holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Yale University and a master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Chicago. He completed his training as a Jungian analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago where he is now a senior training analyst. He served as president of the Society from 2007 to 2009.

Dr. Hogenson currently serves on the Executive Committee of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology.

A graduate of St. Olaf College, he studied with the Buddhist philosopher, Masao Abe, and the Zen Master, Seikiun Koretsune, in Kyoto, Japan, before entering the master’s program in East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale University. Following completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Hogenson was on the faculty of the Yale School of Management and a member of Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies.

He has lectured and published extensively, both in the United States and in Europe, on the relationship between depth psychology and recent advances in cognitive science, neuropsychology and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Hogenson is the author of Jung’s Struggle with Freud, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation and is now in its second edition. It is the basis of our talk.

This interview was recorded on March 9, 2016, at a public library in Chicago. It runs for one hour and twelve minutes, and it’s just under 70 MB. You can listen to the interview right here in your browser or download it directly to your computer. This episode is also available on iTunes and on Stitcher.


Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung

Man & His Symbols by C.G. Jung

Freud & Philosophy: An Essay on Interpretation by Paul Ricoeur

The Freud/Jung Letters The correspondence between Sigmund Freud & C.G. Jung

A Most Dangerous Method: The Study of Jung, Freud, & Sabina Spielrein by John Kerr

A Dangerous Method The movie

The Interpretation of Dreams: The Complete & Definitive Text by Sigmund Freud

Psychology & the Occult by C.G. Jung {contains Jung’s doctoral dissertation, “On the Psychology & Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena”}

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber

Symbols of Transformation by C.G. Jung {Vol. 5 of the Collected Works}

Totem & Taboo by Sigmund Freud

The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James

The Language of the Self: The Function of Language in Psychoanalysis by Jacques Lacan

The Red Book: Liber Novus by C.G. Jung

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality by Sigmund Freud

The Secret Ring: Freud’s Inner Circle & the Politics of Psychoanalysis by Phyllis Grosskurth

General Psychological Theory: Papers on Metapsychology by Sigmund Freud


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