Episode 29: Richard Sweeney

Dr. Sweeney at the 2017 Claire Bauza Lecture, Jun. 3, 2017. Photo courtesy of Gus Brunsman.

Richard J. Sweeney, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst, an associate professor, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and a former Roman Catholic priest.

He holds a Master of Arts in English literature from Xavier University, and master’s degrees in both philosophy and theology from the Athenaeum of Ohio's Mount St. Mary’s Seminary.

He was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati where he remained for 19 years. During that time he received his doctorate in Psychology and Religion from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He later returned to the Athenaeum of Ohio and taught as an Associate Professor of Pastoral Psychology and Counseling and served as the school’s Academic Dean.

While spending a year’s sabbatical in Zürich, Switzerland, he decided to stay and went on to earn his Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich.

He has also taught counseling at The Ohio State University, and the Psychology of Religion at the University of Dayton, Xavier University, and Mount St. Joseph University.

Dr. Sweeney is the founding chairperson of the Ohio Valley Association of Jungian Analysts, and continues to be an active member of the International Faculty Wing of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich. He is also a former chairman of the Board of Directors of the C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio.

Having left the priesthood in 1993, Dr. Sweeney and his wife, Ellen Kandoian Sweeney, also a Jungian analyst, are now in private practice at the JungHaus in Columbus, Ohio.

A frequent presenter in Columbus, he delivered their annual Claire Bauza Lecture in June of this year titled “Dreams and the Dynamics of Transformation” which is the subject of our talk today.

This interview was recorded on Thursday, November 2, 2017. It’s 01:15:57 long and 57.7 MB. You can listen to it right here in your browser or download it directly to your computer. This episode is also available on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play.


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Dreams & the Dynamics of Transformation 2017 Claire Bauza Lecture by Richard J. Sweeney, Ph.D. {Contact Gus Brunsman to purchase the 5-audio CD set for $40.}

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This episode is dedicated to Gina Peacock and Gus Brunsman.