C.G. Jung's Grave

The Jung Family grave in Küsnacht, Switzerland.

C.G. Jung passed away on June 6, 1961 after a short illness at his home in Küsnacht, Switzerland. In the words of his friend and colleague Aniela Jaffé, he died “in great peace.” He was almost eight-six years old.

Below are some photos from my visit to the Swiss Reformed Church and graveyard in Küsnacht, Switzerland, on November 24, 2015.

Jung’s funeral was held in the church on June 9, 1961. In fact, all of the funerals for the Jung family were held there. There were several eulogies given for Jung. In one of them, he was referred to as a prophet. Mighty heavy words coming from a Swiss Reformed pastor.

On the Jung family gravestone, “Familie Jung” {which was not easy to find, by the way}, are the names of Jung’s father, Johannes Paul Jung {1842-1896}; his mother, Emilie Jung-Preiswerk {1848-1925}; his sister, Gertrud Jung {1884-1935}; his wife, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach {1882-1955}; Jung himself {1875-1961}; his daughter-in-law, Lilly Jung-Merker {1915-1983}; and his son, Franz Karl Jung {1908-1996}. Along the top and bottom is an inscription in Latin that says, “Called or not called, God will be present” {a quote by Erasmus}. Along the sides it says, “The first man was of the earth, earthly: the second man from heaven, heavenly” {St. Paul}.

Two of Jung’s long-time pupils and friends, Jungian analysts Barbara Hannah and Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, are buried there as well. They share a gravesite, as Jung insisted that they live together in the latter part of their lives. Their funerals were also held in the church.

I was there to pay my deepest respects to all of them. Below is a sampling of the photos I took.


My video This is a pretty shaky iPhone video that I shot while walking through the graveyard.

You can hear me talk about my visit in Episode #11 with special guest host Shaun Lau.

The church is the Reformierte Kirche Küsnacht, Untere Heslibachstrasse, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland.